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Australian Pink Clay Mask - The Skin Shop

Australian Pink Clay Mask

Australian Pink Clay Mask is a 3-in-1 face mask for Cleansing, Detoxifying & Rejuvenating your skin. It refines pores and brightens complexion while drawing out impurities and pollutants from your...
Golden Glow Mask by The Skin Shop

Golden Glow Mask

Golden Glow Mask dramatically fades away your dark spots and corrects pigmentation. It helps to even the skin tone, while leaving your skin with a beautiful hydrating glow. It stimulates...
Australian Hemp Clay Mask

Australian Hemp Clay Mask

Our Australian Hemp Clay Mask detoxifies & clears congested skin, without compromising on protection thanks to Hemp Seed Oil. Kaolin & Bentonite Clay reduces acne, scarring & blackheads, while keeping oil levels in check. This mask combines natural...